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Elite Instagram Marketing
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From Sean Gareth

The ability to make thousands of dollars in a hurry requires you to be at the right place at the right time.

This opportunity is here now for the taking.

As you may know, Instagram has been surging in popularity and in 2018 they are poised to position themselves at the top of the social media world.

Not only will you be able to take advantage of this once in a lifetime shift online and make staggering profits.

You will be setup to sell a comprehensive training course with skyrocketing demand.

How Can You Make Money From Instagram's
Power Grab Without Creating An Entire
Product From Scratch?

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Sean Gareth, internet marketer, product creator.

I've got some really exciting news to share with you today.

With the introduction of Ads and Stories, Instagram's growth trend has exploded in 2017, growing by hundreds of millions of users.

It's reported now that there are 500 million users on a daily basis.

In 2018, Instagram will complete their E-commerce takeover with their new Shopify app which will allow users to make purchases without ever leaving Instagram.

*Shopify notes that Instagram is already a “significant” driver of Shopify merchant store traffic, so being able to convert said traffic right on the platform instead of round-tripping could result in a big boost of additional sales.

[Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/10/03/shopify-rolling-out-instagram-shopping-feature-to-thousands-of-merchants/]

Once this has completely rolled out to the public, sometime this year, it will send shock waves through social media and eCommerce unlike anything we have ever before.

Here's the thing, Instagram isn't just pushing forward with their agressive plans to become even more popular.

They are doing this in an effort to become more profitable.

They are falling in line with their parent company Facebook and requiring paid advertising to reach all of your followers.

At first glance, this may not seem ideal for those not interested in paying for advertisements, but this is not the case.

With their projected growth rate of 33% over the next three years, there will be hundreds of millions more users to like, share and to send your free post viral.

You may be asking yourself now...

How Can I Take Advantage Of This?

The answer is through Growth Hacking.

Defined by Wikipedia as a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business.

[Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Growth_hacking/]

Instagram happens to be the easiest social media platform for growth hacking

When you think of the fact that a photo can be your main type of content on Instagram as opposed to lengthy, time-consuming articles it becomes a no-brainer

There is no better time to start a profit stream on Instagram than now and at the same time, create a second profit stream by reselling an in demand training.

That's Why My Team And I Created This New
Product For You To Edit, Rebrand and
Sell As Your Own For 100% Profit!

Here's What You Are Getting In This Premium Package

Module 1: High Quality Ebook
$400 Value

Elite Instagram Marketing
In this brand new course, you will learn how to attract unlimited amounts of free traffic, even if you are a rookie at Instagram.

You will quickly go from beginner to advanced and will be ready to take action by the end of the day.

Our writers have all received Journalism / English / Literature degrees and are all seasoned marketers.

You will be proud to offer this course to your customers.
Included in this course...
  • The most up to date information on attracting free traffic from Instagram
  • Over 10,000 words and 80 pages of 100% original work
  • Beautiful pictures and chapter images shown throughout the course
  • Professionally formatted for a touch of class
  • PDF version ready for your customers
  • DOC file included so you may modify as you wish
  • Full Private Label Rights
And the beautiful chapter images that are included....

Module 2: 10 High Quality Ecovers
$350 Value

We all know that changing up the look of your product can be a very powerful strategy when you bring it to market.

If you have every priced professionally designed ecovers, you know you it can easily run into a lot of money.

These 10 ecovers are yours today with full Private Label Rights. You will also receive the Photoshop source files, use them any way you like.

Module 3: Cheat Sheet
$27 Value

This cheat sheet will help your customers walk through the process every step of the way. They will be able to keep track of EXACTLY where they are on the journey.

They will never worry about whether they’ve missed a step or being lost. With the cheat sheet by their side, they speed towards their goals.

This is a powerful bonus your customers receive when they purchase the course and will help you make more sales.

You receive full Private Label Rights.

Module 4: Mind Map
$36 Value

This is the master blueprint - get an eagle-eye view of the entire process. The mindmap provides a complete overview of every step your customers need to apply so they can drive insane amounts of traffic to their page.

Mind Maps are excellent for those who are more visual learners.

This is the customers second bonus when they order your product.

Full Private Label Rights.

Module 5: Resource Report
$17 Value

Want to get there even faster? We provide your customers with a collection of the best training websites, blogs, newsletters, forums and infographics. Your customers will be able to solve any problem that comes up with these powerful resources.

This is the third bonus your customers receive when they purchase the course and will help you make more sales.

You receive full Private Label Rights.

Module 6: Complete Sales Letter and Thank You Page
$612 Value

Start making sales immediately with your highly converting website.

The sales letter was written by highly skilled copywriter who knows what it takes to turn a visitor into a buyer.

We have also implemented our winning strategy by adding video to boost your sales even further.

We have done all the hard work for you, all you need to do is...
  • Add your order buttons
  • Make sales
  • Build you customer base
  • Build your business

Module 7: Sales Page Videos
$300 Value

As part of your website, you are receiving two styles of videos, the text based video and the doodle style video.

We have made it very easy to switch back and forth until you have decided which you would like to show.

These are extremely engaging and will no doubt boost your sales and profits.

You can view them here...

Module 8: Legal Pages
$150 Value

Legal pages are an important part of any online business. To complete your website, we have included a Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages to keep you in good standing with your customers.

Module 9: 10 Expertly Written Articles
$200 Value

Our writer's charge $20 per article for high quality work like this. You will receive them all as a part of this package. Use them any way you wish.

Module 10: 5 Email Swipes
$150 Value

Use these high converting email swipes to help you land the sale, these were written with the express intention of boosting your open and click through rates.

Each email comes with three different subject lines to choose from, drop them into your autoresponder for your own personal sales machine.

Full Private Label Rights Included.

Module 11: Photoshop Graphics
$350 Value

Your getting access to our complete library of professionally designed graphics. All the Photoshop files and all the images, each with various sizes.

With these source files, you can easily change the look of the product. From a slight modification to a full blown makeover, the power is in your hands. All the hard work has been done for you.

Full Private Label Rights Included.

Module 12: Eye Catching Banners
$150 Value

As an online business owner, you know paid advertising can give you a huge boost in your ROI, especially when you have a quality training program like this.

That's why we have included this set of professionally designed banners. You can be off to a running start and get your product in front of potentially thousands of new customers.

Module 13: Social Media Images Pack
$160 Value

Social media is exploding, your customers are there and you can be also to engage them. There is no better way to do that than with appealing viral images.

Start a buzz on Facebook and Instagram and take advantage of all the free traffic. As usual, we have you covered with eye popping images that are hard to ignore.

You'll also receive the original images and PSD files so you can edit them easily.

Module 14: License Pack
Substantial Value

You will receive Private Label Rights, Master Resell Rights and Resell Rights to all the above modules.

Because you are purchasing from the original source, you have the ability to put others in business in a re-seller role, this can add significantly to your bottom line.

Total Value: $3,002

What You Can Do with This PLR Product...

Rewrite, rebrand, retitle, customize, or retain, and SELL FOR $47 AND ABOVE and keep ALL the profits

Edit the contents, embed your affiliate links, and use them to EDUCATE AND MAKE MONEY

List it as a bonus for your product or an affiliate product and WATCH YOUR CONVERSIONS SHOOT THROUGH THE ROOF

Add it to your funnel as an UPSELL or one-time offer (OTO) and DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS

Establish yourself on social media as an AUTHORITY and use the content to re-engage your followers

For offline use, you can turn it into a physical product - DVD, home study course, seminar material, etc., and SELL for $100, $200, or MORE

Set up a 7-day, 30-day, 365-day, etc. e-course, split the content and use it to educate and engage your subscribers. Marketing is so much easier once you BUILD THE RIGHT RAPPORT

Translate the content to other languages, you will have a wider market reach and can CREATE MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS

List it on your JV partners’ download pages. This is an EXCELLENT list-building and money-making STRATEGY

Start a paid membership site or coaching program, you can CHARGE A MONTHLY FEE and drip feed the content. If you don't, there couldn't be a better time to establish yourself as an expert. The ebook is your core curriculum

And a Whole Lot More...

  • You Don't Have To Create a Product...
  • You Don't Have To Write Sales Pages...
  • You Don't Need To Outsource Graphics...
  • You Don't Have To Share In Your Profits...

It's All Been Done For You!

Start Generating The Massive Online Profits
You Have Always Dreamed Of With This
In Demand, Premium Product!

All You Need To Do Is...

1. Customize

2. Upload

3. Send Traffic

4. Make Money

How Much Is This Worth To You?

How much time would it take you to create a product like this?

All the time away from family and friends, all the hard work, creating your own products from scratch is truly a blood, sweat and tears business.

But you don't have to worry about any of that, you can cut to the chase with this complete business-in-a-box package.

Right now, there are people all over the world enjoying massive success with their very own products, that could be you. And it all starts right here, right now.

This course can easily sell for $800 or more, but you won't pay that..

Because this is a newly launched product, you're going to get a massive discount.
Here is everything you are receiving in this done-for-you package.




Module 1

High Quality Ebook


Module 2

10 High Quality Ecovers


Module 3

Cheat Sheet


Module 4

Mind Map


Module 5

Resource Report


Module 6

Complete Sales Letter and Thank You Page


Module 7

Sales Page Videos


Module 8

Legal Pages


Module 9

10 Expertly Written Articles


Module 10

5 Email Swipes + 15 Subject Lines


Module 11

Editable Photoshop Graphics


Module 12

Eye Catching Banners


Module 13

Social Media Images Pack


Module 14

License Pack


Bonus 1

Sales Funnel Setup Guide


Bonus 2

Your PLR Makeover Video Series


Bonus 3

The PLR Playbook Video Series


Total Value: $3,293

Here's What Others Are Saying About This Product

"I'm impressed by the amount of attention Sean has given to this PLR product. It's complete and easy to customize, just like what you would expect from a PLR package. This is a product you'd be proud to put your name on! Well done, Sean!"
Aurelius TjinPLR Producer / unstoppableplr.com
"Becoming the owner of a high-quality product in demand is the fastest way to building authority in the online space. What Sean has presented here is a complete business in a box ready to sell and profit from. Saying it's complete would be an understatement. Excellent job all around Sean. If you're on this page, don't delay. Take action and reap in the rewards."
Kevin FaheyInternet Marketer / kevinfahey.net

Take Action Now and Get These Bonuses

Bonus #1: Sales Funnel Setup Guide
Existing customers get access to our Exclusive 121 Page Guide. Inside you will learn how to setup your PLR product, step-by-step, into a Full Blown, 100% Automated Sales Funnel.
Valued at $97.00! Yours FREE!
Bonus #2: Your PLR Makeover Video Series
In this 27 Part Video Series you will learn how the experts transform a PLR product from top to bottom. You will also learn the fundamentals such as...

Private label Rights Defined
Domain Name and Web Hosting
Valued at $97.00! Yours FREE!
Bonus #3: The PLR Playbook Video Series
In This 12 Part Video Series, existing customers learn how to harness the power of PLR and maximize earning potential. It includes many lessons such as...

Using PLR to Promote Affiliate Products
Using PLR to Create a Membership Site
Using PLR as Upsells in Your Marketing Funnel
Using PLR to Create a Coaching Program
And Much More...
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  • Module 3: Cheat Sheet
  • Module 4: Mind Map
  • Module 5: Resource Report
  • Module 6: Complete Sales Letter and Thank You Page
  • Module 7: Sales Page Videos
  • Module 8: Legal Pages
  • Module 9: 10 Expertly Written Articles
  • Module 10: 5 Email Swipes + 15 Subject Lines
  • Module 11: Editable Photoshop Graphics
  • Module 12: Eye Catching Banners
  • Module 13: Social Media Images Pack
  • Module 14: License Pack
Your Fast Action Bonuses:
  • Bonus #1: Sales Funnel Setup Guide
  • Bonus #2: Your PLR Makeover Video Series
  • Bonus #3: The PLR Playbook Video Series
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with this PLR?
You are free to make changes and sell unlimited copies. The only thing you cannot do is pass along the Private Label Rights.

What makes this product different? Good PLR is hard to find.
Rest assured you are dealing with professionals. Our writers have all received Journalism / English / Literature degrees and are all seasoned marketers. You will be proud to offer this course to your customers.

Im new, what if I don't know how to get started?
This package comes with 3 outstanding bonuses, the most important being...

Our own exclusive guide that takes you step-by-step through setting everything up. It was written specifically for our products, you will be amazed at home much you can accomplish.

Are there any other offers available?
Yes, once you have placed your order, you will be taken to a page where we have an incredible video version of this course.

It comes with many other modules, all with PLR rights giving you the ability to boost your profits substantially.

Are there any other fees associated with this product?
You will need web hosting and a domain name. The price for a domain name is roughly $10 per year and hosting is as little as $4 per month. We show you step-by-step how to setup everything.

What about a money back guarantee?
This is a RISK FREE offer, your protected 100% with our 30 day money back guarantee. You'll pay nothing if your not completely satisfied.
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